A Safe Place

I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it…

– Revelation 3:8

I follow a lot of blogs, both sober blogs and lifestyle blogs. When I first got sober, I scoured the web for sober blogs – something that would speak to me, that I could relate to. It was a very lonely time for me and I needed to know there were other women who were going through the same thing I was, and more importantly, other women who had survived it. One of those blogs was Crying Out Now. The author, Ellie, is a recovering alcoholic and created the blog so women could have a safe place to talk about addiction and recovery, “telling our truths, and breaking down the walls of stigma and denial surrounding addiction – One Story at a Time.”

Crying Out Now was a huge source of comfort for me when I first got sober and continues to be a source of support and inspiration, mainly from the amazing stories I read about other women who are going through the same challenges and joys of recovery. In addition to her blog, Ellie has recently started a podcast series called The Bubble Hour, which she hosts along with her co-founder, Lisa, where they share stories about addiction and recovery through readings and interviews.

Today, Ellie announced on her blog that she has created an umbrella organization, Shining Strong, to bring together both Crying Out Now and The Bubble Hour. In an effort to inform people, she created a video which is both informational and inspirational. Please go to Shining Strong and watch it – you’ll be amazed.

Seeking help for alcoholism and other addictions is scary. I knew I was an alcoholic long before I admitted it or sought help for it. However, when I finally did it was blogs like Crying Out Now that inspired me to get the help I needed. If you or someone you know is struggling right now, go to these sites, watch the video and know that you are not alone – you are NEVER alone.

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