The Sky’s the Limit

Yesterday, my daughter and I embarked on our first mother-daughter trip. Our destination was San Jose to visit my grandpa who will be 93 in April. He’s amazing. He e-mails, Skype’s and still lives in the same house he built in the 1950s. I love him dearly and wanted my daughter, who is six, to have some quality time with him before it’s too late.

Although my daughter had been on a couple of flights as a toddler, she has no memory of them so was ecstatic to fly on a plane! She had her American Girl doll dressed, packed and ready to go in her carrying case last week. Hey, at least she plans ahead, right?!

Once on the plane, she was practically jumping out of her seat with excitement. I was looking forward to a fun and (hopefully) relaxing weekend away from the typical craziness of driving two kids to and from school and other activities. I might actually get to read those two magazines I got in the mail weeks ago!

As we settled in, I reached for the flight menu card to see what kind of soda they had as I had promised my daughter a “special drink” on the flight. And, then I saw it. I knew we were flying Horizon, and offshoot of Alaska Airlines, but had completely forgotten that on select Horizon flights they offer complimentary beer and wine – free wine and beer people! Before, when I was drinking, I would pray (well, not really) but seriously hope and wish that I would land on one of these flights when I flew somewhere. I had been on a couple and had thoroughly enjoyed them. Not to the extent like the guy who was duck taped to his seat on a flight a few weeks ago, but nonetheless REALLY enjoyed them!

I looked over the selections of the “monthly” wine and beer. Today they were featuring a new chardonnay – my drink of choice. I thought how different it would be if I was still drinking. I would have no problem taking advantage of the complimentary part of this deal. I was on vacation; I wasn’t driving once we landed – all the more reason to live it up!

When the drink cart made its way toward us from the back of the plane, I contemplated what I would order. The cart arrived and there it stood, five inches from my face – a beautiful, unopened bottle of chardonnay. I quickly ordered a soda for my daughter and one for myself. However, I was overly aware of what others ordered around me. Wasn’t anyone going to have a glass of wine? Heck, it was already noon – let the party begin! We were sitting toward the back of the plane, so the cart slowly made its way to the front and then back again. As it passed us for the second time, I took stock of the wine. Are you kidding me?! Only half the bottle was gone! Are you people crazy?! It’s free wine! Drink up! Finally, the two gay guys sitting behind us ordered a glass each. Well, at least they’re taking advantage of it. But, seriously, one glass. What’s the point.

Yes, this is how my mind works. This is the mind of an alcoholic.

I’m not going to lie. The very briefest thought crossed my mind of how easy it would be to “just have one.” No one knows me on the plane; my daughter is much to young to really “get it.” But, then, reality set back in and I looked at my daughter in her pure joy and excitement and thought “who am I kidding?” This is my life. Right here, right now. This beautiful little girl sitting beside me, anticipating this fun and exciting trip with her Mommy. They can take their complimentary wine and beer and shove it. There is no free drink in this world that is worth sacrificing everything I have, right here in front of me.

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