Real Love

Love Story

My husband and I don’t do a lot these days for Valentine’s Day. We have two kids six and under and life is hectic. We honor the day with a card and a small token of our appreciation for each other. It’s not like the old days when he would whisk me away for surprise overnight trips to the beach or fancy dinners, but that’s okay. You see, waking up next to him every morning is good enough, in fact, it’s perfect.

In the early days, there was the anticipation and excitement, and more than that, there was the unknown. Perhaps, part of the excitement was the unknown. Today, when I look at my husband I see our history. I see the joy and happiness we have experienced and I see the dark times we have endured. At times, I have not been easy to love. In fact, I have been impossible. But, he never left and he never stopped looking for a reason to love me.

When I look at my husband today, I see love – our imperfect love. Our real love.

And, I thank God for putting him in my life because I cannot imagine loving anyone else the way I love him.

Happy Valentine’s Day. May you experience real love today and always.

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  1. So true…I feel the same about my husband! I’ve seen too many “perfect” looking marriages fall apart…and any can, for sure. However, I’m in love with my imperfect marriage – and I love it all the more now I’m sober! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for reading! Yes, I used to portray that “perfect” marriage until I started being honest with myself and my husband. Love and life is so much better when you’re not trying to be perfect!

      • So very true. I just had to watch my sisters ‘perfect’ marriage dissolve as her (insert expletive here) husband, my brother in law for 20+ years, decided to just up and leave her and three kids after turning 50. No one would have expected it, and it was devastating for all of us. Honesty- which he was incapable of – is the core of marriage – and life! – it has to be. It can be hard for those of us with drinking pasts…but it gets better once we stop, for sure! πŸ™‚

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