Six Months Sober – Round Two


I found this photo fitting since I just got a new VW. I’m sure one day, years from now, it might look like this too. Old, tattered, but well-loved. Kind of like me, however, I wouldn’t consider myself THAT old – yet!

Today, I will attend a women’s meeting and get my six month coin – for the second time. How do I feel? I’m happy, I’m content, I’m not perfect, but I’m trying to be the very best version of myself that I can be and that God intended me to be.

The difference this time around, I’m not angry anymore. I’m not angry that I have the disease of alcoholism. The obsession to drink has been lifted and for that I am truly grateful. Once I was able to let go and surrender to God, I felt free. Free from the anger, the cravings, the guilt. I got to the point of acceptance. I accept the “broken road” that God has led me down. At first, I tried to fight it. God knows, I tried with all I had to fight the truth.

But, the truth is, once I stopped fighting, I was finally able to start living. I love my life today. I still struggle, but I now have the strength and courage to get through things without drinking. Drinking is not my crutch anymore; I have to face things head on. It’s not easy sometimes, but it feels so good – to feel. I feel hurt, anger, sadness, but I also feel an immense amount of joy, happiness, peace and contentment.

Sobriety has given me the opportunity to live, to try new things, to write again. I have so many desires and wishes for my sober life. It’s exciting and sometimes it’s overwhelming because the possibilities are endless.

I have to stop, quiet my thoughts and ask God what direction I should take. I trust in His path for me. I don’t have a plan anymore and that’s okay. With each day, He’s guiding me and revealing to me where to go and what to do.

Today, I am grateful to be alive so I can share my experience, strength and hope with you.

9 responses

  1. Congratulations! I am glad to hear that the anger has passed – for me, there was nothing more threatening to my early sobriety than anger and being tired.

    Chin up, and keep on 😉

    • Thanks, Michelle! I’m feeling pretty good! I attended a new women’s meeting last night and it was amazing! Perfect way to celebrate six months! So much hope and strength among all the women.

  2. That’s fantastic! congrats on your six months – I know that was such a landmark for me. Heck, 30 days was a landmark for me! And what you said was perfect – the moment we stop fighting and surrender then the serenity comes…and oh, the endless possibilities that come! And it’s truly in those quiet times…the times where we have communion with the Creator, to ask His will, there is where we find the calm, the focus, the energy that we need to do not only what is right, but what is right in front of us. We don’t run the shop any more – we have a New Employer, and for me, that’s just fine thank you very much…the only employer was a lunatic;)

    thank you for an inspiring post, and once again, congrats!



    • Thanks, Paul! I love what you said about the old employer being a lunatic – isn’t that the truth! I’m happy to let someone else run the show now. It makes life so much more enjoyable! Take care!

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