Being Content


Yesterday, I read a great post by Paul over at Message in a Bottle. In his post, he talks about the “meh-ness” of life.  He describes this “meh-ness” as being “times of inertness and mid-level drabness.  Neither here nor there type of deals. The pause before the next note on the scale.  A certain form of unwanted stillness and unsureness.”

Today, I had a “meh” day. It was raining and grey outside, I was home with a sick kid for the second day in a row, I managed to ruin the first of two batches of cookies (thanks to rancid nuts) and burned dinner. In the past, I would have viewed today as a total waste and disappointment. I didn’t “do” anything and I didn’t particularly “achieve” anything.

And, then, I watch the news and see the people in Oklahoma who have lost everything. And, I think, “You know, it’s okay. It’s okay to just be.” It’s okay to have just a “meh” type of day. In fact, I find more and more that these days teach me to slow down, relax and be in the moment. Today, I was grateful I had a warm house to shelter me from the rain, supplies to bake cookies, my son and daughter to snuggle on the couch with and a God who gives me all I truly need in this life.

I used to view contentment as “just settling.” Contentment wasn’t something to achieve in life, it was something to pass up for something greater. Contentment was boring. People who were content had given up on life. I never wanted to be “just” content, yet in an effort to surpass contentment I always found myself wanting, needing and yearning for more. Drinking fueled my desire and helped (or so I thought) cope with the emptiness. And, eventually, I got really tired of feeling that way.

In early recovery, I was told that I would “know a new freedom and a new happiness.” And, it is true. I find this freedom and happiness in being content with my every day life. Not wanting more, and not wanting less. But, just being content with what God has given me today.

Thanks, Paul, for reminding me that even the “meh” days are good days.

4 responses

  1. Wow. You just said what I was trying to say in my post, yet you said it a hundred times better and with more insight with 5,000 less words than I needed and in both a simpler and yet deeper way.

    Man, this is why I read other people’s blogs. It makes me a better person, writer and child of God.

    The “not wanting more not wanting less” and being content with what God has given us today…brilliant! I love it. And so utterly true. I wish I could see it so brightly and clearly as you do. I sometimes think every day has to be a grand epiphany, full of spiritual fireworks and emotional intrigue. and yet, a day like you had has as much value in it as any other day. Burnt dinner and all.

    Wonderful post. You didn’t need to add my words to yours…your words are powerful and illuminating enough. Mine are the rancid nuts 😉 And thank you for giving us the greater picture of things in light of the natural plagues that are going on in the States now.

    I too am content to be in a safe warm house with my family nearby…and wonderful things to read late at night 🙂


  2. Wonderful- just like Paul’s post. Both WELL written! I SO relate to both! Such perspective from Oklahoma- huh?! Whoa. So tough. Thanks for even more perspective!

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