My Life as a Slide Show {A Guest Post}

I’m honored to be guest posting today on The Simple Life of a Country Man’s Wife blog.

The Simple Life of a Country Man's Wife

I found myself on the verge of tears as I read my morning devotional.

The author, Pam Kidd, tells of a time, after nearly drowning as a little girl, she saw parts of her “tiny life flashing across some faraway stage.” After this, her husband tells her “that some famous theologian once speculated that when we get to heaven, the first thing God says is, “‘Show me your slides.’”

Initially, that’s a scary thought for me.

What would my life look like in slides? Some I would like to erase. The horrible decisions I made when I was drinking, the fear on my face as I entered my first recovery meeting, the innocent employee I yelled at when my flight got rerouted, hearing my mom’s diagnosis of terminal pancreatic cancer, my mom taking her last breath as I held her hand, and all those times I thought of myself before…

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