And, God Said Be Still


On the 7th of this month, God said, be still. He said stop your busyness, throw away your to-do list, spend time with your family and just be. How did He do this? He sent snow. Lots and lots of snow. More snow than we’ve had in over five years. And, then He sent freezing rain. And, we were stuck. We were snowed in for three days. And, we were together.

On the first day, in the midst of my kids arguing, I said, God I don’t know if I can do this. And, I went downstairs (we have a daylight basement) and locked the door. I took some deep breathes and I prayed for patience. And, God said, you’ve got this. And, I did. That’s the thing about my God, He’s usually right.

The next day, it snowed a lot. As I stood in the kitchen cooking a big breakfast, looking out at the snow falling, I felt peace. Peace in the simplicity of a morning where we weren’t rushing out the door; or barking orders at each other. Peace in my children’s laughter and excitement over the new fallen snow. Peace in sitting with my husband, drinking our coffee and just being.



We played, built snowmen and sledded down my in-law’s driveway. We didn’t need fancy sleds. Boxes worked just fine. We used my husband’s childhood sled to walk around the neighborhood, visiting friends along the way. It could have been anywhere; at any point in time. We were just a family – sledding, laughing and being together.






And, God said, Chenoa, I know you’re not a big board game player, but you’re going to play a game as a family, because, really, what else do you have to do that’s more important? And, so we played a game of Chutes and Ladders and we laughed. And, I said, okay God, that was fun but I’m pretty sure that game is rigged because every time you get to the top, you have to slide down one of those damn chutes and it’s impossible to win. And, He laughed, because He knows it’s true.


We baked cookies, watched movies, did puzzles, danced and sang (I’m pretty sure my husband and I could both sing that “Frozen” song word for word). And, I didn’t worry about running out of wine – because before, that’s what I would’ve worried about. Because, before, that’s how I “coped” with my kids. Now, the only thing I worried about running out of was my coffee and Prozac. Because, God knows I need both of those to function. Yes, my God has a sense of humor.

And, in the silence of the snow, God said, this was good. This was good because it made you be still. That’s what I love about my God. He knows what I need, when I need it most.

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    • Karen, once I let go and accepted that I had NO control over the snow, I felt much better and really enjoyed our time -but it’s always that damn control that gets in the way. Ugh! And, I agree – some sun and pool would be really nice right about now!

  1. Hi Chenoa,

    I often get snow this time of year where I live in South Wales in the UK. In the few times I have been snowed in and unable to go to work I have often ended the day with drinking. This is because a day free from work was always defined as a ‘need to drink’ day. It was as if I was providing myself with a reward for not having to work.

    I have since learned that the drink had nothing to with the reward. Like you refer to in your post, the ‘reward’ was to spend time with my friends and family away from the rigours of work. The drink was nothing but an illusion and I am shaking my head because I still can’t believe I fell for it.

    Throw a snowball for me.

    Lee Davy
    The Needy Helper

    • Hey Lee! Ditto on everything you said! I would like “do overs” for many areas of my life. All I can do now, is go forward with gratefulness for the time I have now. Plenty of snowballs were thrown!

  2. Chenoa,
    I love every word in every line you wrote. I’ve spent the day catching up on blogs, and decided to stop now. You have me to tears. On that note, I’m going to hear the voice of God when I read this post and head home to my kids.

    Simply wonderful and amazing—my blogging friends.

    • Thank you so much, Lisa! You almost had me in tears with your comment! Yeah, we have a great group of friends on here. I was just thinking the other day how cool it would be to gather us all together – maybe one of these days!

  3. Beautiful post, Chenoa, and a much needed kick in the pants for this whiny Mom stuck in a cycle of snow days and insanity. We have another round slated for tomorrow night, and the promise of a 5 day snow-in. I vow to re-read this each and every snow day we get going forward, and I vow to attempt this type of serenity.

    Thanks so much for this inspiration!

    • Oh Josie, I have total empathy for you! Lots of deep breathes and prayers! You’ll get through it – and then you’ll need some much deserved alone time! Good luck my friend! You always have the computer and your blogging friends to keep you sane!

  4. Love the pictures! It has been quite a winter, with more coming tonight. I’m not sure how I am late to this post, but the timing is pretty perfect for me. Thanks for the much needed perspective.

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