Going Forward

I admit my last post was a bit depressing and melodramatic (which I excelled at by the way when I was drinking). I partially blame that on the post-surgery exhaustion I was experiencing, but in all truth, I was/am at a crossroads with this blog.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I’ve been obsessing over it (okay, maybe a little), but I’ve definitely been thinking and praying for guidance. I guess it comes down to this: my life is not very exciting (which I’m okay with) and, honestly, I get tired of talking about me all the time. Sure, there are things that continue to come up in my sobriety, but I feel like I’ve been putting myself in this little box – and now I’m outgrowing that box (which I think is a good thing).

So…long story short, I have some ideas of where I’d like to go. I’m not going to stop this blog because, in many ways, it’s become a part of me – like another appendage (kind of). No, as a matter of fact, I’m going to dive deeper. Not only do I want to share my story; I want to share others’ stories. And, not just those in recovery, but those who have been molded and shaped by their lived experiences.

We all have a story and I’m fascinated to learn how others have coped and overcame life’s unexpected circumstances. I’m still working on how all this is going to look, but I’m excited. And, in an effort to better promote my vision, I’ve created a Facebook page for my blog. Yes, I’ve taken the plunge, so if you’re interested in “liking” my page and following along you can find it at https://www.facebook.com/lifecorked. It’s a work in progress, like the rest of me.

Thanks for your support as I continue to map all this out! Grateful to be on this crazy ride together!

Oh, and by the way, on a totally different topic, it still baffles me that my most viewed post on a typical day is my healthy chicken enchilada recipe. And, then the second most viewed post is my “about” page because I’m sure people are thinking, “Why the heck is a recovering alcoholic writing about chicken enchiladas?” Well, leave it up to me to mix the two together! No one alcoholic is alike, right?!


10 responses

  1. 🙂 Yay! I think as we grow and change, it’s only natural for our blogs to do the same. No matter what, you are living life sober; so whatever you write about will come from that sober perspective. Plus I think it’s incredibly helpful to others to see that we alcoholics can live happy, normal lives; that it IS possible. This is what recovery looks like. 🙂

    • Thanks, Christy! You’re so right. That was always one of my goals in blogging – showing people that life goes on. After living with so much drama for so many years, normal and boring is something I thoroughly enjoy these days!

  2. As mentioned, we all go through that phase in our blogs where we feel that it’s time to shut it down (I thought that twice!) when really there is just a shift within. We’re living life sober now and there aren’t any big dramatic turns as there used to be early on. Today my life is boring. A lovely boring, I must add. A welcome dull. I’ll take this any day over the drunken / hungover antics of my day.

    Congrats on the FB! I don’t do FB, so i can’t Like it, but I’ll Like it in spirit!

    As for the Enchillada post – what can you do? It’s probably a tasty one. 🙂

    • Thanks, Paul. You make a good point about the big dramatic turns. I think I’m still getting used to the welcome dullness of my life. Only people like “us” can understand the pure bliss we find in such dullness! And, yeah, the enchiladas are pretty good!

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