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  1. I am so much everything you are writing about…as I sit here in my gym shorts and workout shirt drinking my wine. I get the family up in the morning, clean the house walk the dog , pay the bills, and smile, but drink in the afternoon ( Fri, Sat , Sun, and the off Tuesday or Thursday). I am determined to stop this awful habit (disease). I feel so alone at times but know I can do this.

    • Trisha, you are not alone. I’m always here to talk or support you in any way I can. Recognizing that you are drinking too much is a big step. But, as “we” like to say “faith without work, is dead.”

    • Oh my gosh, thank you! I’m so humbled by the recognition. I still need to post about the previous award you nominated me for! Life has been crazy, but this is the last week of school and then it’s summer vacation – yay! Thank you again and I’ll be sure to pass the happiness on very soon!

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