Finding My Voice

Finding Voice

I’ve been feeling stuck. I’ve lost my voice; my focus with this blog. Or, maybe this is what blogging is all about; evolving and changing as we do in life. I want to have a clear focus. I want my writing to represent me; my life; my experience; my strength; my hope.

I find myself wondering if people really care about what I’m making for dinner or the latest craft project I’m working on. Originally, when I started this blog I wanted it to reflect my life sober. I wanted to show people there’s a whole new world waiting for them in sobriety. For me, that includes cooking, crafting, sewing – and, of course, writing.

Yet, I’ve discovered over the past few months that blogging about the cooking, sewing or craft projects takes the enjoyment out of it for me. It feels like more of a chore than anything. I’ve realized I don’t want to sit and edit pictures and write tutorials on how to make things. All I really want to do is write. For me, writing is everything. It’s how I express myself, process feelings and connect with others. There’s wonderful lifestyle blogs out there with amazing ideas on how to make a custom wreath or plan a fancy brunch, but that’s not me.

My heart tells me to use this blog to write; to share my story from the most authentic and honest place I can find within me. Many of us struggling with alcoholism, make our first connections to sobriety online. For many, it’s a safe place to find information, read stories and reach out to others who are just like us. For the first time, we see ourselves in the stories of others and for one small moment we don’t feel alone.

So, from now on this is my direction. I see it clearly and I’m excited to have a focus. Of course, if I happen to come across some spectacular recipe I’ll be sure to share it!