Lets Get Real

Be Real

Sometimes, on days like today, I’d like to disappear down a rabbit hole just like Alice in Wonderland. Escape life and all it encompasses. Life is hard, it’s really hard sometimes and right now, life is hard. But, the truth is, I keep showing up. Day after day, I put one foot in front of the other and trust that God will take care of it. That gives me peace. But, it doesn’t mean I still wouldn’t like to disappear into my garden amongst the flowers and vegetables and just forget about everything. Now, that, sounds perfect!

But, in the meantime, I’ll keep at it. There has yet to be any resolution to the letter I sent that I talked about in my previous post. However, I have been meaning to fill you all in on my new friend. Remember, a while back I wrote about going on a walk in our neighborhood and running into some new neighbors who have a daughter in a wheelchair? Well, the mom and I have become fast and furious friends! I must share how this friendship came to be – it’s pretty amusing.

On yet another walk, my husband and I ran into their family once again. We decided to walk together and ended up on the corner across from our house where we would eventually part ways. As we stood there and talked about living in Oregon and how they’re adjusting to the Pacific Northwest, the mom joked that she was afraid she was going to become an alcoholic with all the wine she was drinking (our area is known for its wineries). AWKWARD. I swallowed my pride and went onto say, “Well, actually, I AM a recovering alcoholic.” Nervous laugh, the “Are you joking or serious?” looks – and then discussion. At this point, it came out that I wrote a blog, but then I realized that I better mention that I had recently wrote about THEM or what the heck would they think if they happened to Google it?! Oh crap. I was on a roll with the first impressions. As we said our goodbyes and walked away, my husband and I laughed about the unexpected exchange and I secretly thought, “They think I’m crazy. I just know it.”

They did look up my blog and loved it. The mom applauded me on my honesty and openness and since then we have developed a genuine friendship. Fast? Yes. Real? Absolutely!

This is what I mean about showing up for life. I make a conscious decision each day to be real and honest with my words and actions. If someone faults me for speaking my truth, that’s okay. But, it won’t deter me from being real.

When we push back those “perfect” barriers that keep us from developing genuine relationships with people, we are able to see the wholeness and realness of others which connect us as human beings. Just normal, regular human beings trying to do our best with what God has given us.

Here’s to keeping it real and “doing” life.